Unifying and Educating the Equine Care Professional for the Benefit of the Horse.

Get Involved!

We are seeking to fill additional Committee, Board of Directors, Officers, and other Advisory positions – if you are interested in working with us, we would love to have your help! If you’re interested in becoming a Director, Officer, or Advisor, please email us at AAETT.org@gmail.com to let us know which type of position(s) you’re interested in, and we’ll reply with specific information about how to apply for those.

Moving Forward

We are working on additional educational opportunities.  These will likely include the possibility of webinars and other online training options to continue working to fulfill our educational and credentialing missions.

We are very excited to continue our work, and looking forward to getting to know each of you better! With your support, we’re one step closer to developing AAETT into an organization that will further the careers of equine technicians as a recognized and credentialed profession, and continually elevate our individual skill sets and work to the best we can be.

Henry Siegel

Founder & President

Michele Haman

Vice President &

Board Member

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