American Association of Equine Therapists and Technicians

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Educational Conference for the American Association of Equine Therapists and Technicians. Located in the heart of horse county, beautiful Greater Lexington area, Ky, the conference is scheduled for May 3rd through May 5th. Please pre-register here.

Again, we expand our educational offerings across many modalities, along with addressing issues to include  FEI Compliance considerations, state laws, developing treatment plans and therapeutic monitoring, laser, ultrasound, PEMF, Radio-frequency therapy, hyperbaric, underwater treadmill, chiropractic, treatment of tendon and ligament conditions, rehabilitation of neurological horse and maintenance of joint motion. Complimenting classroom time will be a series of Wet Labs. Our goal is to provide participants with a well-rounded perspective on all related therapies.  The intellectual capital and wisdom of our educators is a century’s worth of operating clinics, hospitals, performing surgeries, examination, evaluations in thousands of hours of hands on experience.

We are busy finalizing our legal status as a Non-Profit 501 (c6) and shortly thereafter will be selecting Board Members, creating Committees, opening up membership.

The rapidly growing career of Equine Care Specialists are a benefit to the entire equine industry and has evolved as a profession, inclusive of skilled and educated professionals to provide secondary care to horses following a veterinarian’s diagnosis.

With thousands of Independent Equine Therapists and Technicians in the US, the demand for services to our Equine friends continues to grow steadily. Thus, for those individuals seeking a profitable and satisfying career in Equine Care we offer the opportunity to join the growing community of AAETT.

Our upcoming  3rd Annual Educational Conference will offer  modules and pricing. When posted you will find the modules and pricing listed in the “Conference Module Selection and Payment” Section (still under construction)